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Cyprus is a Classic “Crisis Investment”. A Cheap Opportunity with the Potential for Outsized Gains.


In Greece, the headlines have been full of riots, unemployment, unrest, and austerity for several years. When the financial crisis there began, investors fled Greece. But starting October 2012, investors are rushing back investing billions in the stock exchange, property, privatizations, e.t.c.

And now US hedge funds are investing in Greek banks. Remember John Paulson, who earned billions betting against subprime mortgages? He’s leading the charge, apparently encouraged by rising exports and rebounding tourism.

Similarly, the crisis in Cyprus has opened up the potential for you to earn extraordinary profits. And you can tap this potential with access to the information we gathered and the opportunities we uncovered through our research and experience.


Our highly trained team detailed it all—the specific opportunities and the gains possible, the process to follow, the people to contact.


Good reason to be bullish.

Cyprus is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean and for thousands of years it has been a geopolitical prize, thanks to its location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The economy is dominated by services, namely tourism and finance. Tourism lives off the island’s warm winters and beautiful beaches. The financial services sector depends largely on foreign inflows. In fact, Cyprus is where Russian oligarchs stashed their cash offshore.

The island offers other pluses: tax and regulatory advantages; strong legal and accounting traditions; and residents who almost all speak English.

Another critical advantage is the 2011 discovery of a massive gas field about 100 miles south of Cyprus. The resource is worth billions of dollars—enough to turn the cash-poor island into an energy exporter. That gives Cypriots a lot to look forward to.

The short-term picture is not quite as rosy. Unemployment has increased and tourism is down. Capital controls remain in effect. But these controls do not apply to new money brought into Cyprus. The inflow of money isn’t restricted, and neither is income or returns you make off money you invest.



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